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The Best Selling Hair Loss Solution

provillus-bottleProvillus is the natural hair regrowth product prepared from the natural herbs and contains Minoxidil as its major ingredient. The product is a dual action formula and has clinically proven effective to stop the hair loss and boost the hair regrowth.


  • Instantly stops hair fall
  • Addresses with the root of the problem
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the scalp to reduce dandruff
  • Helps in the restoration of hair follicles
  • Prevents hair thinning and shedding

Provillus hair regrowth treatment is dominating the market these days, for its dual action effective formula to stop the hair loss and boost the hair regrowth. The dual action formula consists of a daily supplement and a topical spray, and contains Minoxidil as the major ingredient. The clinical study also revealed that the ingredient actually improves the blood flow across the scalp area, which ultimately promotes the hair regrowth.




How it Works?

hairloss-solutionAccording to the medical studies, the main cause of the baldness is excess amount of DHT hormone, which makes the hair follicles weaker and let them fall from the scalp.

Experts claim that the Provillus hair regrowth treatment contains some active ingredients that eliminate the root causes of hair loss and restore the lost hairs. The claims are backed up by clinical studies. The product is available in different versions for men and women and both the versions contain Minoxidil as the main ingredient.

A clinical study about the topical minoxidil was published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology. The study found that minoxidil is an effective ingredient to boost the hair regrowth. The study also found that minoxidil 5% concentration was more effective than the minoxidil 2%. By 1998, after these clinical results were revealed, experts utilized Minoxidil 5% in the Provillus.

Clinically Proven Treatment

imagesScientific studies provide evidences that the Minoxidil 5% effectively blocks the DHT hormone and prevents the hair loss. In the clinical trial, men who used minoxidil 5%, they experienced faster hair regrowth without any unpleasant side effects.

The ingredients of the product are tested clinically before being utilized in the Provillus. The clinical results illustrate that the product doesn’t only restore the lost hairs but also improves the quality of hairs by nourishing them with the essential minerals. No side effects have been reported about the product.

As Seen on TV

“Hair Loss for Women, While as Common as for Men, Carries Extra Worries. While men tend to start losing hair in the 30s and 40s, thinning begins in the 40s or 50s in women, though it can occur as early as the 20s” reports the ABC news.

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