Green Coffee Bean Max VS Raspberry Ketone Max

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Which is Best Dr. OZ Recommended Fat Burner Supplement?

burn-fatsHealth experts and doctors always prefer natural weight loss remedies over artificial supplements because they are generally considered safe and side effect free. There are several herbal extracts and fruits that have long been used for their nutritional benefits.

Among such remedies, Green Coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones are the latest breakthroughs in the weight loss industry which can shed extra pounds without any dieting.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Sep 10, 2012 – Dr. OZ touted Green Coffee Bean Extract on his show as fastest fat burner supplement. Green coffee Bean extract is obtained from the fresh unroasted coffee beans. Ongoing research suggests that coffee beans in their fresh form are the rich source of antioxidants which can aid in weight loss.

Unroasted coffee beans contain a rich amount of a fat burning compound chlorogenic acid. Unfortunately, this chlorogenic acid is lost when the coffee beans are roasted. It helps stop the release of glucose into the blood and ultimately reduces the fat absorption.  This is why; green coffee beans are believed to be a natural weight loss aid.

Raspberry Ketone Extract

Feb 2012 – Dr. Oz show calls raspberry ketones a fat-burning miracle. Raspberry ketone is mostly found in different types of raspberries. It contains ketone enzymes which help burn unwanted fat by increasing the secretion of adiponectin. Adiponectin is a protein hormone which promotes metabolism and stimulates energy levels to burn fat and reduce cholesterol levels.

Because of their strong fat burning properties, Green coffee bean extract and Raspberry ketones are now widely used in dietary supplements. Green Coffee Bean Max and Raspberry ketone Max are two most famous weight loss supplements that have been formulated from green coffee and raspberry ketones.


Green Coffee Bean Max

greencoffeebeanmax_bottleGreen Coffee Bean Max is the all natural and most powerful formulation of pure green coffee bean extract and chlorogenic acid. It is formulated with 50% chlorogenic acid to increase the fat burning capacity of Green coffee beans. The supplement is in pills form which will help you burn unwanted fat without changing your eating and exercise routine.

The key ingredients in the supplement work to slow down the production and release of blood sugar, maintain glucose levels at normal. Simply, it reduces the fat absorption and food cravings. It also helps boost metabolism to increase the energy levels which support a natural fat burning process in the body.




Raspberry Ketone Max

raspberryketonemax-reviewA breakthrough product in the health industry, Raspberry Ketone Max is the purest formulation of raspberry ketones which contains only natural ingredients. It’s not just a weight loss remedy but a complete health supplement which also provides a variety of health benefits along with weight loss. The product promises to help you lose your extra pounds without any dieting or exercise.

The active ingredients work to increase the adiponectin hormone which is responsible to boost metabolic functions. When it accelerates metabolism, the fat in cells is break down and effectively burnt out.  It also increases fat oxidation and promotes energy levels to fight against fatigue.





Extensive research studies on Green Coffee Bean Max and Raspberry Ketone Max suggest that both are effective for weight loss. Interestingly, both the products can lose up to 5 lbs within a week. Customers’ feedback shows that people who use Green Coffee Bean Max and Raspberry ketone Max do lose weight faster and easier than by dieting alone. However, if you really want to achieve faster results, use Green Coffee Bean Max because it shows faster results than Raspberry ketone max.



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